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"Look to see who is truly serving the world, truly seeking to share wisdom and knowledge, insight and understanding, caring and compassion.  They are the bringers of light.
A person who is there-as the spirit is there-to help, asks nothing for himself except what is needed to continue to do the work they seek to do."
Channeled by N.D. Walsch
Converstations with God-Book 3
Intuitive Counseling With Louis Martin

To Schedule Your Appointment

  Testimonials From Clients...
Louis did a Life Reading for me. It was packed with so much information regarding my past, present and future! I feel I will be learning from (it) for a long time to come.

His spirit is so gentle, warm and informative, and his style is open, friendly, intelligent, informative and spiritual.

I have recommended his readings to close friends and family,and now I recommend it to you.

W. Moss
Ossining NY.

Have you ever had one of those times when you felt stuck? This was just what I needed, and at just the right time. I found Louis' work to be positive, insightful and loving.

N. Zabel
Prescott, Az.

On-Line Readings  
To schedule an on-line reading, please email me, or use the human click button to chat with me,to set up a time and the specifics of what type of reading listed below, you'd like to experience, and to make payment arrangements.  

  A Life Reading
Astrology-Numerology-Tarot-Medicine Cards
A Life Reading is a very powerful set of tools which I've been inspired and guided to put together in order to get a clear picture of where you're coming from in your past, where you're are at Now, in Your Journey, and how to best map out your Future Visions and Dreams.

A Life Reading Includes The Following:
Your Birth Chart and Daily Transits, Your Lifetime Numerology, Your Current Focus, Your Tarot Archetype for the Current Lifetime, Your Next 12 Months Through Tarot and Your Lifetime Totems Through Native American Medicine Cards.

(Preparation For Life Reading)
I'll need to get your birth date information,
(including time and place if known), before the reading itself, and to set up a time to share the information with you. A Life Reading takes me approximately 2 hours to prepare for. So it's best to allow at least one day to make arrangements before the reading itself.

The Donation for a Life Reading is $75 per Reading, available over the phone, by e-mail, or in person,and includes a tape of the reading and a copy of my notes.

  Channeled Sessions
A private reading with the Pleiadians is a unique opportunity for you to Attune to Your Truth, Heal your Doubts and get Clear Answers, Helpful Techniques and Powerful Visualizations, along with the Energy of Unconditional Love. There really are no words to describe how powerful and loving this experience is for most people who decide to work in this way.

A tape of the session is always included.This is an energetic experience, so you'll want to be able to listened to it, and have a copy for future use, to review, and work with meditatively or before going to sleep.
The Donation for a channeled reading is $75 for an hour, $45 for 1/2 an hour available over the phone, or in person.

  Combined Readings
To experience both types of readings together,
I will combine a Life Reading, a Channeled Session, as well as any General Counseling Questions which need to be addressed, either before or after the other two parts are completed.  This is the most infomation,energy and inspiration that I and My Guides can offer to you at this time.

(See Preparations For Life Reading)

The Donation for a Combined Reading-Life and Channeled and Counseling is $90 for 90 minutes.
This includes a tape of the session, plus my notes from the session, and follow up support as needed.
  Spiritual Counseling
This is a "tune up" session for anyone with a particular or general sense of confusion, despair, hopelessness, or fear. I will work with you to focus on "What exactly is happening. How to better understand it from a 'spiritual perspective'. What some possible alternative outcomes might look like. And How to shift the experience into a Higher Octave of Love and Healing.

Spiritual Counseling is offered by phone, e-mail, or in person. The session will be taped and includes prayer work as well as dialogue. The Donation for a session is $65 per hour or $35 for 1/2 hour.

  Men's Counseling
My goals, as a Spiritual Counselor for Men, are to be a safe place for Men to share their feelings, to get more in tune with their own wisdom and "inner knowing" and to learn to trust that hidden Self, to guide them on their Path individually, as well as to offer support and encouragement for building  bridges for all Men to actively care and assist each other, on both the Emotional and Spiritual Levels in their daily lives and to make it safer for Men to live with Our Hearts Opened Wide!
Men's Counseling Sessions are offered by Donation at $65 per hour, $35 per half hour, available by phone, e-mail or in person.
Includes a tape of the session.

E-mail Readings  
E-mail readings for all the Above are also available if that is necessary, though it's not my preferred way of working with you. But if that is what you need I will work to accommodate you.


Four Questions E-mail Reading
I will do a Four Questions E-mail Reading for a $25 Donation. Please send me four specific questions that you want Guidance about, and I will work with your Guides to provide, direction, clarity and
support, and send you my response in 24 hours.

I know how important this material can be in your life. I am willing to assist you in whatever way I can, provided there is an equal exchange of energy. Otherwise I would not be supporting you, in discovering your own value and worth. Scholarships are available through barter, and exchange. Please be discerning about this.

More Information
Readings & Counseling

I have had the pleasure of offering Channeled Readings with my Guides since May of 1992. I have worked with hundreds of "clients" throughout the US and Canada.
I love being able to share their love and wisdom with whomever is drawn to work with us in this way.

I have been a grateful witness to the power of their love, and healing, seeing it change the lives of everyone we work with, either gently or dramatically, but always in a very real and positive way.

My Guides are the "Teachers to the Teachers", and if you feel called they can help you too.

Life Readings
Life Readings are a recently acquired skill, which allows me to get a very complete picture of your energies and then work with them intuitively to offer you insight and direction for your own growth. Working with Tarot, Medicine Cards, Astrology, Numerology gives a very detailed picture, which I then work with intuitively for maximum impact and assistance.

Spiritual Counseling
Spiritual Counseling is an opportunity to work one on one with me, with out any other tools or guides, which some people are more comfortable with.  We will simply  work on getting clarity, deepening your connection with Spirit, and seeing each of life's experiences as another chance to heal, to grow and to become more.

Religious Science Practitioner
I am a trained Religious Science Practitioner and have counseled hundreds of people in this way. It's my experience that everyone on the planet is here for Spiritual Healing in this lifetime.

Men's Counseling
As a member of Men's Groups, and a creator of them, as well as becoming a workshop facilitator, in groups composed of both Men and Women,my exposure to Men and our unique and critically important healing issues, has had a lasting and profound impact on me.

I have been, and continue to be, deeply committed to working with my own and other Men's unique and particular emotional and spiritual healing needs.

My Personal Commitment
I am committed to giving you whatever support you need, to help you on your Journey. I am here to serve you, through the following of my own inner guidance. I look forward to our connection healing and growth together.  

  To Schedule Your Appointment
You can reach me by e-mail or calling  the number on the page, to determine the best way to serve you, to get birth info for a Life or Combined Reading, to make payment arrangements and to schedule an appointment...

e-mail or voice mail


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