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Have I not said that...Ye are Gods?

Where your heart is,
there too will your treasure be.

Where ever two or more are gathered together in my name, there too, will I be.

These things that I do, yea, greater things than these will Ye do.     
    -- Jesus (The Christ)
Louis Martin
The Pleiadians
Creating Enlightened Group Consciousness
The Future Of Humanity Is To Be Found
The Transformative Energies
Community Building
  Group Empowerment.

It never ceases to amaze me, and those who are a part of these group experiences, how powerful and elegant group consciousness really is!

  One and Two Day Workshops
I have had the great pleasure of facilitating one day, and weekend workshops on many different aspects of Healing and Awakening throughout the US and Canada, since 1995. I have participated in group work on an ongoing, intensive basis since 1987. My groups have usually been attended by individuals at all different levels of awareness and experience. I prefer to work with at least 10, and not more than 30 people at a time.

  Enlightened Group Consciousness
I have observed and experienced, over and over again, that Change and Healing, which often seem so difficult and elusive through traditional therapies, and even in many alternative methods, is often dramatically accelerated in group consciousness. Most people are so delighted to meet, and connect with others who are experiencing similar and often identical awakenings.

  Learning To Work With Spirit
I have been involved in group work from the late 80's throughout the 90's. By learning to work with Spirit, (who does several things at once throughout the process), each workshop that I CO-create with my Guides, is intuitively designed to be of maximum impact to each person in the group, as well as the Group as a Whole.

Everyone in a workshop accelerates their ability to work with Spirit.

  The Mapmakers
These are opportunities for you and your Group-
(Mapmakers, Dream Weavers,Family of Light, the Leaders of this time and of the Future), to receive support, guidance, and love from Higher Self, and your Guides, as well as the Pleiadians, with myself as facilitator and CO-participant with you.

  Group Empowerment
We all work together, talking, doing energy work, visualizing, meditations, and emotional healing, in order to assist in the creation of The Sacred Work of Community Building & Group Empowerment.
I strive to "listen to the energy of the group" and allow the highest flow of healing and love to be experienced by everyone present.  

  Individual Healing
Each person will have their own reasons for creating an opportunity to work in this very high, energetic, and emotional atmosphere.  There is  always laughter and tears, the tears which begin in sorrow and end in joy. It is always up to each of us, to determine how safe, vulnerable and trusting we can be to allow Spirit to open our Hearts and create real healing and growth.

I believe that everyone that's called to work in this way, is awakening to their mission in this lifetime, and preparing for a powerful acceleration of their gifts, as well as seeking the support and encouragement to accept them and share them with the world.

  The Celestine Prophesy
In his simple and wonderful books, Celestine Prophecy, Tenth Insight and Secret of Shambala, James Redfield beautifully expresses some very basic and very advanced ideas about metaphysics and group consciousness. He shows us a map of where it's possible for Humanity; first individually, then in groups and then collectively to evolve into...

  The Wisdom Of Love
All of us have a message for one another. All of us have a Higher Self that will speak if we learn to listen to it. By inviting in the Higher Self of a group, we can learn to listen to the wisdom with in us, and within each other, the Wisdom of Love and Truth which leads to Freedom...  

That Wisdom is the Key to

All Our Miracles...

Miracles Are...
The Expressions of

Unconditional Love!

  Previous One Day and Weekend  Workshops:
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I Love To Facilitate
Workshops With Groups!
Like All Lightwork,
It Always Flows,
To Follow The Higher  Energies.

  Sponsoring A Workshop
It has been my happy experience that whenever a workshop wants to happen, someone knows that they are being called to assist in it's creation. This has happened over and over again. If you get that feeling of excitement and inspiration, this can be a truly magical way to accelerate your Light and Lightwork!

Then what begins is sorting out the time and place and logistics, IE publicity, signing people up, transportation and housing during my time at the workshops, and agreeing on a mutually beneficial arrangement regarding energy and expenses. I am always very happy to accommodate whatever group is genuinely interested in working with me.

Usually, one or two people will act as the Local  Coordinators for the planning and promotion of the event, in exchange for readings and private work with me, as well as the covering of their expenses. I am happy to say that all workshops have broken even and all producers have had positive, incredible, life changing experiences.  


For more information about setting up a Workshop with You and Your Group please click below...

All Is One/One Is All

Illustration Courtesy of Spiritweb.Org