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"The way into a man's heart is through grief, and grief is about building an emotional body that's strong enough to sustain, higher and higher states of ecstasy."  
                 -- Robert Bly

My Background  

While I have had the great pleasure and privilege of working mostly with Women over the years, because they are, in general, much more involved with their Spiritual Awakening than Men, so far.

Nevertheless, I am a Man, and through my own Self Healing process, as a member of Men's Groups first, and then a creator of them secondly, as well as becoming a workshop facilitator, in groups composed of both Men and Women throughout the country, my exposure to Men and their/our unique and critically important healing issues, has had a lasting and profound impact on me.

I have been, and continue to be, deeply committed to working with my own and other Men's unique and particular emotional and spiritual healing needs. And I want to discuss them briefly on this page.

  The Mytho-Poetic Men's Movement
The work of Robert Bly, John Lee, Michael Meade, Michael Ventura, Jim Snekowski,to name a few of the leaders of the MythoPoetic Men's Movement has been pivotally important in my own Spiritual Healing and Awakening.

Along with Men like Ram Dass, Stephen Levine, Peter Gabriel, Sting, Bruce Springsteen, Terrence McKenna. I consider these Men, my teachers and my brothers, and my heroes in redefining what it means to be a Man.

Their compassion, courage and vision is truly amazing, and they have inspired me to grow and heal and accept myself, more than any other single group, aside from my channeled teachers.

  Spiritual Journeys
There is a huge need for Men to begin to unfold their own unique Spiritual Journey. And no one knows this better than our wives, girlfriends, and partners. In the last twelve years I have heard countless stories of pain and confusion from both women and men, about...

Men's inability to feel,to express,
to take appropriate responsibility,
to balance nurture and power,
the inability to deal with anger, addictions, control, jealousy, competition,
and the wound of
Missing Fathers,
and of "Missing Men"
emotionally or physically,
or both.

Unequal, distant, frightened, unstable, needy, hurtful, temporary, lonely, abusive, confused, and even violent, relationships between Men and Women, seem to be the norm, rather than the exception in our world.

And even the relationships that are held up as the models of what we want, still fall apart regularly, quite often at blinding speed and with unexpected and unimagined consequences.

Everyone knows somethings wrong, yet,no-one seems to know how to fix it.

  Men Gifts
As Men, we have particular gifts, and challenges that must be encountered, unfolded and befriended. Other- wise we become selfish, childish, and destructive to ourselves and to those who care about us and count on us.

The need to learn how to truly be courageous and strong, while being able to be compassionate, gentle, committed, responsible and loving, is often the central issue in most men's lives today.

And tragically, most men, have very few healthy examples to draw from, and very few tools to work with.

  Healing Power of Grief
I have learned through difficult, and ultimately rewarding experience, that as Bly a poet who has been leading Men's Retreats since the early 80's and the author of Iron John says...

"the way into a man's heart is through grief, and grief is about building an emotional body that's strong enough to sustain, higher and higher states of ecstasy."

What this means simply, is that as Men, we are inherently disadvantaged by our socialization. We need to relearn how to feel and express our feelings to find our hearts, our power, our sexuality and Spirituality.

   Men's Hearts
Most Men's Hearts are locked pretty tightly, from the humiliations and the seductions that we are exposed to as boys. Society's survival for thousands of years, has been based upon the Warrior/King model of Masculine Strength; Courage, Will, and Mind, and on Dominating and Controlling, one's Self, Womankind, Nature and The World.

Men pay a truly tragic
and enormous price for the tradeoff,
by beoming"Success Objects"
In exchange
for our deeper and gentler
Heart and Spirit.  

The Magician/Lover side of Men has been seen as weak and foolish, feminine and anti-masculine; an invitation for being conquered, enslaved and destroyed. Most men remember the terror and intimidation that greets a boy at early puberty, when the lifelong search for being "man enough" begins in earnest. We begin to discard and disown, any part of ourselves that's considered too soft, too emotional, too weak.

Douglas Gillette
has written about this in his book King/Warrior/Magician/Lover.
Also Riane Eislers'
"Chalice and the Blade" and
Marrion Zimmer Bradley's "Mists Of Avalon".
To name a few titles about this very large subject.

  Return of the Goddess
The Return of the Goddess in our lifetime, is not an invitation for Men to become subservient, as unfortunately Women have had to do in our world, for so very long. It is instead an irresistible need and cry for the rebalancing of these feminine and masculine qualities within all of us.

Spiritual Strength
As Men reclaim their hearts, their self-worth, and the depths of their Spiritual Strength, then Women feel safer to be more, to share more and to lead more, which all of us need them to do, in order to grow through the coming changes in our world.

  The New World
Archetypally, energetically, the Masculine represents the Body and the Mind, the Feminine, represents the Heart and the Spirit. With the Balance of all of these qualities of Self, within each one of us, the New Man, the New Woman, and the New Human becomes Possible, becomes accessible, and available, and then,only then, is...

A New World Perceivable!

According to my Guides,
the New World, already exists,
in the Etheric, in the Future,
coming into being through Individual Humanity's Receptivity and Openness
to it, principally, through
the opening of the  
Human Heart.

  The Birth Of The New Spiritual Man
I've used a photo on the front page of someone kneeling in prayer,to exemplify the New Spirtual Man. This is a picture of Drunvalo Melchezadek, an Angelic contactee, a channel, an artist, a scientist, and  an incredible spiritual master in his own rite. I've met him several times, and he is easily one of the most Conscious and  Spiritual Men that I've encountered.

His example of commitment, devotion, service, courage, empowerment, and genuine humility has
been truly inspiring for me. You can find out more about him on my Resources Page

  Counseling Men
My goals, as A Spiritual Counselor for Men, are to be a safe place for Men to share their feelings, to get more in tune with their own wisdom and "inner knowing" and to learn to trust that hidden Self, to guide them on their Path individually, as well as to offer support and encouragement for building  bridges for all Men to actively care and assist each other, on both the..

Emotional and Spiritual Levels
in their daily lives
and to make it safer for
Men to live with...

Our Hearts
Opened Wide!

Men's Counseling Sessions are offered by Donation at $60 per hour, $35 per half hour, available by phone or in person.

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               Photo Credit Drunvalo.Net