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The Way That Can Be Named,
Is Not The True Way.

                    --Lao Tzu

  Channeling Tapes
I conduct weekly channeling groups with the  Pleiadians in my area, (Northern Arizona) on an ongoing basis. This is an opportunity for me and some of my friends to explore some of the Mysteries Together.

I record a 60 minute tape to save the message, guided meditation, and question and answer session from the group channeling sessions.

To obtain a copy of the most recent tape, or to be placed on the ongoing tape list please see the contact page. The tape is of the best quality that I have available at the present time.  

Donation for a Session Tape is $20. To Subscribe for a Year of Tapes-12 tapes, one per month is $100.
See contact page.
After finishing this site I did word count was amazed to find that it's 15,500 words and about 70 pages long. So I've decided to edit it down and add some other resources to create a Guide Book for Seekers.

It is still being worked on as I publish this site. It will be available for anyone who desires to have the  information on this site in printed form with a few extras thrown in for good measure. I anticipate it to be about 30 pages long, and something that, like the site itself, will be valuable and helpful to anyone interested in learning more about these ideas.  

For price and availability, please e-mail me and I will let you know ASAP.  


You shall know the Truth,
and it shall set You Free!