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"There is magic in the telling;there are miracles in the experiencing. In the secrets of love, miracles await. Come discover the miracles waiting for you."

I am dedicated to doing whatever I can
that serves your awakening, healing, and becoming a free and empowered member
of this ever increasing wave of energy which
is washing over the Earth and Humanity.

  Lightheart Storybook
A Monthly eNewsletter my commitment to an ongoing monthly e- newsletter, which will be a place for us to share some ideas and stories, to stay in touch and have a meeting place, to explore and create new ideas of consciousness and reality, from one another
as Lightworkers and Mapmakers, as well as allowing a forum for my Guides- the Pleiadians and myself, to share with anyone interested , as we all go through our changes throughout this coming year.

2000 was a year that many thought would never happen. And one that many predicted would be filled with disasters. But we are here and the world is seeing Peace and Prosperity as never before. Why? Because you, and millions like you throughout the world are committed to healing the past and creating a future, better than many dream possible.

I am very excited about all the opportunities that are coming to the Lightworkers of the Earth this year. I feel so genuinely inspired in my life, and hear so many wonderful
success stories.

A lot of emotional/spiritual energy
is waking up in our lives
as never before!

I want to be a place of support and love, an ally for you, in whatever way I can,in whatever way I and my guides
can assist you!

That's the motivation behind this Lightheart Web site and the
Storybook eNewsletter.

Truly the Light
Is Beginning to Illuminate Our World!

Part 2
Your Very Own Awakening
Enlightenment Stories!

The second idea behind a monthly newsletter
is to highlight the unfolding story of
our dreams coming true!

I've had the idea for years to create a collection of peoples Awakening/ Enlightenment" Stories.

Because there are so many wonderful and healing stories and experiences that all of us have had, and continue to have in pursuit of more love and light in our lives, and they do help to inspire all of us!

The idea is for this to be a way for Lightworkers and Mapmakers...

To share with each other, some of the amazing, life-changing experiences that we are having, which are awakening each of us personally to our "Higher Power."

I would like to be of service in empowering you to share yours with the world,so that we can all know that these experiences are not "weird" or "unusual"and that we're not
"going crazy",
but are in fact,
Your Contributions
If you are interested in sharing your story (250-500 words), please e-mail your contributions to my address and I will happily include them in the monthly issue of Lightheart Storybook, and add them to the collection.

When and if,we get enough to publish them as a separate volume,all proceeds will go in Service to the Light, a charity, a nonprofit, a good cause.

At present this will be offered in love and for free. If I get a lot of energy behind this idea, I may need to ask for more support. Donations, readings, and sessions, tape and booklets are available and your interest is always welcome!

Follow Your Bliss!

--Joseph Campbell

So Help To Spread
The Light!
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Lightheart Storybook Mailing List
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A World of
Love and Light!

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