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"As Above,So Below.
As Within, So Without."

All You Need To Do To Prepare To Open To Channel
Is To Be Willing & Working
On Your Self!

  What Is Channeling?
Channeling is a "Spiritual Technique" which allows You, (Your Human Self), to connect with, and to communicate with, your "Higher Self" and other "Spirit Guides," in order to gain answers, insight, and healing, and to be of loving service to others.

This is usually done either verbally, or through "automatic  writing".

Everyone can channel their Higher Self. If you are to channel another Guide as well, Spirit will bring that gift to you at the most appropriate time and in the best possible way.

  What Is The "Higher Self"?
Your Higher Self is the Gatekeeper of All Your Spiritual  Experiences, Awakening and Growth. They are the Divine Twin of your Human Self. They are with You in Every Moment, Lifetime  After Lifetime, to assist you in Coming Home. You, (The Human Self), are here in Physical Form to Assist Them in their Growth, as well. After You, they  are the aspect of Self which is most available and responsible for your...


         What Are "Spirit Guides"?
A Spirit Guide is a Being of Light who exists in the "Higher Dimensions", (outside of our normal experience of Time and Space), and who Serves the Light, by offering the Energies of Unconditional Love and Truth, which are intrinsically healing. These Beings are called Angels, Et's, Ascended Masters, and many other names. They are truly Infinite in their variety and uniqueness.

They Are Quite Real!

  The Two Types of Channeling
The two most common types of Channeling are called Conscious- where, though you are in a light trance state, you are aware of what is being expressed through you as you channel,and you remember what's been said afterwards. (This is the type of channeling that I do).

Unconscious-where you are in a very deep trance state, and are mostly unaware of what's being channeled through you, almost like a dream, and you remember very little of it afterwards. Edgar Cayce, Jane Roberts, and Jach Purcel are all "deep trance channels", which is rarer, more difficult to open to, and provides some of the clearest channeling available.  

  You Already Are A Channel!
Everyone is channeling some aspect of themselves all of the time. We all have Sub-Personalities,an Inner Child, Adolescent, Young Adult, A Negative Ego, A Shadow, A Higher Self, Future Self, Guides, and our own personal relationship with the Divine.

These are some of the different parts of ourselves over which we usually have limited awareness, and control.  As well as Intuitive Knowing, Creativity, Being in the Flow, Artistic Expressions, Passions, etc. which are all forms of channeling, to one degree or another.

   What's The Difference?
The difference, is that through opening to channel, you begin to learn that you really are...

A Spiritual Being
Having A Human Experience

and that there are Higher Aspects of Yourself, that are more aware of the "Spiritual Nature of Reality", and they wish to love you and assist you in Remembering Your Spiritual Nature, by Being of Service to You.

  Yes, You Can Learn To Channel!
Channeling is a skill, like anything else in Life.

The Future of the Earth
is the Story
Your Heart Opening.
With your Intuition, Emotions and Imagination, and Will, You can learn to listen to Your Heart, and the Heart of the Earth, and the Heart of the Divine, and Know that they are...

The Same,

  Why Do I Do It?
When I channel The Pleiadians, I feel as though the sun has burst through the sky on a cloudy day. My intuition becomes expanded. I feel a Higher Energy flow through my mind and body, and I feel an enormous amount of Love and Care, for myself, and whomever I am focused on, at the time. It comes on like a light switch, with my intention to connect with their energy, and a few deep breaths. Then...

I get to witness,
and be in Service, to each persons'
Mysterious and Sacred Journey.  

Thank You

What An
Amazing Gift!

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Illustration Courtesy of Spiritweb.Org