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"And, in the end, the love you take,
is equal to the love you make."
                    --The Beatles

Like so many of the amazing people I have met in my Journey, since my Spiritual Awakening began,13 years ago, this August, I have always felt that I had a singular, powerful, yet mysterious and elusive purpose for my entire life. And I have been on a search for that purpose for a very long time.
From my earliest memories  I was both awed by the beauty the world around me, and horrified by it's cruelty and coldness. What I felt and experienced inside of myself, was almost always at odds with the way the world worked and the view of Reality that most people held.
At the same time, I felt I had a sense of connection with something grander than myself, and a sense of  direction about myself and my life, even when I was feeling utterly lost, and alone, that I did not begin to  understand until I was almost thirty.     

  First UFO...
My Journey began in ernest, when I was strangely awakened in the middle of the night, at the age of about 13. I looked out the sliding glass back door of my room, which over looked the Los Angeles Harbor from San Pedro facing south.
What I saw was a collection of strange lights which, as soon as I realized that it was not a plane, began to move around the sky in erratic, and physically impossible patterns. I watched this in wonder and awe for several minutes, until it turned at a 90 degree angle and simply disappeared.

  2nd UFO's    
I had a similar experience again sometime during my Senior Year, in High School. I was hiking the cliffs of Palos Verdes, with some friends at night. This time three black ships, flew directly over us, completely silent, about a hundred feet above us.  But what was even more amazing, was that they each stopped directly over us, for a few seconds before moving on.

My Father's Death
My story took a dramatic turn that year as well, my Father was murdered by a complete stranger about a month before my 18th birthday. He was an MD, working at a clinic in Southern California, and was shot by a man who was dying and wanted somebody to express his anger at. This was a big turning point in my life, and it began my search for deeper answers about life and death. I later was able to communicate with him through Dr Peebles during a session. My Father told me my lesson in this life was "Responsibility."    
  Kundalini Awakening
I'd been practicing daily meditation for a few months, after meeting some other "spiritual people" at the metaphysical bookstore I was working at, at the time.
I experienced an ecstatic state of Openness in my heart chakra, felt heat at the base of my spine, when suddenly an energy shot up my spine through the top of my head and my consciousness left my body for about an hour. This is a gift of Grace, that I believe more people will be opening to, as our light increases.  

  The Harmonic Convergence
And Channeling
I first learned about channeling at a session with a  Nonphysical being, named Lazaris, who has been my closest teacher ever since, during the 'Harmonic Convergence' in August 1987. The Convergence was a time of Planetary Spiritual Activation, and I felt compelled to participate in it. During the three days, I was invited to hear Lazaris channel for the first time.

After those experiences I began to be drawn into studying and working with a wide number of different channeled teachers. Los Angeles in the late 80's to mid 90's was a metaphysical hotbed for working with "New Age" info. I've studied with Lazaris, Dr Peebles, the Council of Light, Bashar, Merlin,and other teachers, through their Channels,ever since.

  Susan Drew
I'd been studying with the above teachers throughout the five years since 1987, and I had taken a class on "Opening To Channel" as well.  I was writing for an ABC-TV program in May 1992, and feeling really stuck in my career and the world.  So I decided to get a 'private reading' from Susan Drew, who was a channel for the Pleiadians. I'd first encountered the P's through B. Marciniak's Video tapes. Susan did monthly groups in Santa Monica, near where I was working.

  The Pleiadians
Susan asked me to sit down, and then asked for my hands, saying-"I think you're going to like this". She held my hands and sent an energy into me for what seemed like a few minutes. She then said. "You're going to start channeling for the Pleiadians." She said I would have a lot of emotional healing over the next two months, after which the channeling would stabilize. That's exactly what happened.

  To Be of Service
I have been a conscious channel for the Pleiadians (My Guides) ever since. The day after Susan worked on me, I tried channeling for my girlfriend, and immediately the energy and the love and the helpful answers and wisdom began to come through.  It has only gotten clearer and become something I rely on more deeply to be able to be of service to others. While I connect with my Higher Self and Pleiadians in Meditation daily, it's difficult to channel for oneself.

  Codependents Anonymous
and 12 Steps
While channeling provided a great way for me to learn more about Spirit, I still needed a lot of help in healing from my Family experiences and Unconscious Wounds etc. In Coda and the 12 Steps of AA, I found a tremendous amount of Unconditional Love, Honesty, Commitment and Integrity. I went faithfully for four years, in the 90's. I met very courageous and loving people too.

  Religious Science Practitioner Studies.
In 1992 I was introduced to the Agape Church of Santa Monica, and the amazing Reverend Michael Beckwith. At Agape (which means Unconditional Love) I had an exposure to a working spiritual community for the first time in my life. It was the most interracially balanced, vibrantly alive, passionate, and compassionate place that I've ever found. I sang in the choir for a year, and I studied in the Practitioner Program, until completing it  in 1995.

  Off To See The Wizard
In the summer of 1995, my dear friends Dan and Rio Watson, (my Practitioner Mentor, and a very gifted Healer and Workshop Facilitator) both sponsored me, in order  to channel in Kansas City, Missouri and Eureka Springs, Ark. I was treated like a celebrity in both places, and met wonderful friends and had an incredible adventure. But more to the point, I was given the opportunity to use my channeling to help more people during that time and over the next two years, than all the time before it combined.

  Eri-el Morningstar
In 1995 I also met a very talented woman who became my partner for the next year and a half, Eri-el Morning-star. Her courage and commitment to Spirit is truly amazing, and together we toured the US and Canada speaking at Whole Life Expo's and the Star Knowledge Conferences, Through her I connected to Standing Elk, a Lakota Medicine Man, and learned a lot more about Spiritual Responsibility and Healing, as well as Star Knowledge-the relationship between many Native Peoples and the Star Brothers.

  Spiritual Death
In 1997 Eri-el and I went our separate ways, and I wound up back in Los Angeles. I went through two years of what my good friend Laverne calls a "Spiritual Death". It was a time of tremendous chaos which lead to a deeper healing than anything I'd known before.
My health collapsed, from being so driven and out of balance, from traveling too much, and taking on too many different people's energies,for way too long, and not listening to my "inner guidance".
It was a very powerful experience for me, for which I am truly grateful. I'm pretty much back to normal, after chronic fatigue, candida, and aspartame poisoning, the last of which I'm still healing today.

The Big
It's now 2000 and I live in beautiful Northern Arizona. I was lead here by Spirit, in a dream last June. I have a wonderful loving partner in my life, Liana Moss, who is an artist, a teacher,a channeler and healer as well. I feel I am more involved in my own Spiritual Journey, than ever before.
I meditate, process,(face my fears, and count my blessings), and visualize each day. I write and do readings for people, I run a weekly group, I read what inspires me, I work on my songs, and I share my life and my path with the most wonderful woman I've ever known, Liana Moss.
I love my life more than ever before. And I pray each day to be of loving service to the awakening of our precious earth and beautiful humanity.
Thank You For Your Kind Attention
The Future Is Ours-The Family of Love and Light.
Namaste-- LM

copyright for illustration Alex Gray