Who Are We?  
We are a part of
The Great Awakening
Your Earth and This Universe.

We are not here to save you.
You can do that quite well Yourselves.

We are here to assist you in believing
in Yourselves,
enough to Come Home.
Not to flee your world, but  to see
A New World
Now Being Born

Out of the Power and Beauty of Your Love.
We are here to remind you of Who You Truly Are.

You Are Love.
--The Pleiadians



  My Adventures With The "P's"

Even after 8 years as a channel for them, and in Service to the Light with them, I am still learning more all the time, about who and what the Pleiadians exactly are. They came into my life, after 5 years of studying with other channeled teachers. (See My Journey) Their presence in my life was totally unexpected, and has been dramatically empowering, deeply challenging, profoundly healing, and lots of fun!

My Guides
They have been My Guides, who come to me as an Energy, and Feeling, of Love and Support. Whenever I focus on them, they are there. I've never seen them, or met them, in the Physical or even in Dreams, that I can recall, except  through their blending with my own consciousness during channelings.

Greatest Gift
Their "Energy" has always shown up, whenever I request them to, no matter how I am feeling, at the time. They have always been loving and positive, creative and compassionate, and being a channel for them has allowed me more freedom and opportunity than I've ever known. Including the ability to do some amazing and wonderful things, as well as learning how to be of service to others, which I consider their single greatest gift to me.  

There are three main ideas I want that to share on this page,  which I've learned from the Pleiadians, and through being of service with them.

Part On


The Big Picture...

Is A/Part of All That Is!


We are a Part of
a Vast Group of Consciousness,
(was/is/ will be again)
Consciously Connected to Our Oneness.


Time and Space are Illusions.

Our Current Reality
Also known As

The Illusion of Separation.


We chose to experience ourselves as separate
All That Is,
in order
to learn and grow.

That choice created all life
in the Physical!

Since All That Is, is Love,
it would have been Unbearable for us to be separate while still remaining completely aware of our Oneness.


In order to fulfill the many purposes of this "Reality", we needed to forget that we are (were/will be)
A Consciousness of Oneness,
Unconditional Love...

Ok...Still with me?

The Problem (and the Solution) is that
we forgot what we forgot.

In other words...

We Descended into the Darkness
to Be the Light,


We Forgot/Lost Our Connection
 To Our Light,
In The Midst Of All The Darkness.


The Mind,

( our connection to the Illusion),

Cannot, by Itself, Imagine

What The Heart

(Our Connection To The Oneness),


Light Heart

You will find your way


by the light of your heart.


On many different worlds and in many different planes of existence, many different levels of awareness chose to create their own reality in order to learn, and in order to come home.

In the process of becoming conscious again, through the physical,
we had to
"descend into matter"
in order to...
"ascend back into Oneness".

Since nothing is ever wasted in creation...

We do this first for ourselves,
as Students,
and then
we do this for others...
as Teachers

We have created all of this in order to learn and grow,
and to heal all the different parts of
Self, Higher Self, Soul...


Since the Ultimate Truth is Oneness and Love...

To Free

"Our Entire Reality"

from the illusions
that have kept
us and "it"

(there is no separation or difference
between Self and Reality),

'trapped' at the 'lower' levels,
and in more
'limited realities'.


We are not imprisoned here,
nor abandoned,
nor forgotten.

This is what Channeling, Spirit Guides, ET's and Angels are all about...

They are here to help us

The Love that Guides us Home.

Another way to describe our history
would be to say...

We became Physical to Break Free,
and to Teach others how to
Break Free of Illusions.

We Believed it was Necessary
To Inhabit a Nightmare,
in Search of a Dream,
in order to Find
Power of Love
and Truth,
To Be Free.

Healing The Illusion of Separation,

Through Our Service To All That Is.

Part 2


We are all part of the Same Family of Light,
the Knowledge of which,
the Indigenous Peoples of the Earth
have been holding onto for Humanity
for Thousands of Years!

The Indigenous Peoples of the Earth
The Native Americans, the Aboriginals, Africans, Egyptians, Mayans, Aztec and Incans all claim, quite privately, to have a connection to the Pleiades, and the beings that come from there. The Pleiadians have a deep connection with many of the indigenous and tribal peoples of the world. They are often considered either the source of creation and life, (though they know they are only a part of God/Goddess/All That Is) for much of those traditions, and/or they are known as the Star Brothers and Star Sisters of these people, and a source of profound wisdom, assistance, and healing, for  them, and for the Earth and the Heavens as well.

The Sirians
Other tribal peoples who's existence predates recorded history, like the Dogon of Africa, have spoken quite persuasively, about their connections with other Star People, the Sirians, who have also pervaded many ancient cultures, with great Love and Wisdom. Both Lazaris and Drunvalo Melchizadeck, suggest that the Sirian Beings Of Light, are the Highest Connection we have to the Oneness, from which we emerged. The Pleiadians, I have been told and believe, are a bridge, for Humanity, between where we are now, and the Highest Reality that we can imagine, and beyond. I am just touching here on information that can also be found abundantly in other sources.

Star Seeding
The Sirians and the Pleiadians are the most common Star Beings mentioned through Star Knowledge. But there are many other Galactic Cultures as well. (See Below.) The "seeds of higher consciousness" have been sown, or hidden with in our DNA, emotional bodies (see Grief Work on the Healing Men's Page) and in our Unconscious Minds, not from us, but by us.

We are the first generation in our 'recorded history' who have integrated enough of our Soul/Sprit/Light, back into the Physical/Emotional/Mental, to be able to work with the level of Light and Love that these Beings represent.

To connect with a being from another reality requires the ability to disconnect from this one.
Which takes great Faith and Courage.   

Earth Energy
Crop Circles, Power Places, Ley Lines,
Sacred Sites
There is Overwhelming Evidence, of the presence and the influence of the Star Beings in particular, and Higher Consciousness, in general, in the Creation, of  the Earth and of Humanity, and in our History, Present and Future. A lot of this evidence is coming to light now, because It's Time.  There's been a great deal written about this, of which I have barely begun to scratch the surface. But my interest so far, has been much more experiential, IE. healing and opening, rather than scholarly.
(Please see Resources Page)

The Hall of Records
The Hall of Records, under the right paw of The
Sphinx, according to Edgar Cayce, (the most accurate channel ever recorded,) says they will be opened in our time, and the evidence found there will make an irrefutable  demonstration of this claim. A very big part of the story of our time, is the Reemergence of the "Star Seed Consciousness" of Humanity- the Realization that We are made from Light, (the stars) and that we are not alone, in the Universe(s).

As I mentioned in Part One-The Big Picture, Humanity, along with many other Star Beings, including The Pleiadians, the Sirians, Orions, Acturians, Andromedeans, and many other beings created themselves and their worlds in order to learn about being physical-separation, and free will through all our/their  choices, and experiences.

As far as I have been told, all of the above Star Groups have already Ascended. They've raised  their consciousness back into a much deeper awareness of their relationship with All That Is/Uncond-itonal Love. This is also true of other groups of Humans, like the Lemurians, some of Atlantis, as well as the Mayans, Incans, Anasazi, etc.

Spirit has said... We All have already achieved what we are seeking...
Our Oneness.

We are just now Allowing to
Consciously Know,
what we've already,
created on the
"Higher Planes".

This time is Our Time of Awakening, Remembering and Becoming Free.

We have worked for it, and
the Universe is
supporting us to Achieve it.

No-One and Nothing Can Stop It.
Because it is the Will of All That Is...

No one has ever achieved
what we are poised to do!

Humanity is the first group
of beings to ever bring
So Much
Light and Love
Into the Physical.

Because we have gone
so far into the Darkness,
We Are Remembering
That We Are The Light

We Are Raising The Very Vibration
of Reality Itself.
Creating a World Unlike Any That Has Ever Been.

Our Destiny is to open to
the power of love,
and become light beings,
like the Pleiadians and
eventually the Sirians.

The Earth's destiny
is to become a Star.
A World of Light and Love.


Part 3

  Making Contact

There are more UFO's being seen in this time,
than in any time in recorded history.
--Drunvalo Melchizadeck

Do you remember the scene from the film Contact with Jodi Foster? She's taken the trip, which didn't happen in time, and she's arrived at the beach, which is located in her mind, and not in space, and the shimmering image of something in the distance, becomes her Father, who died when she was a child?

For me, this is the closest approximation of what feels true about our relationship with the P's and other Star Beings. Do they look like the illustration on this page?
I don't know. Can they do what Carl Sagan imagined in Contact? I don't know.

What I do know is that the love from them is, at times overwhelming. At every channeling I've done with the P's I always come out of trance and watch, sometimes for minutes, who ever I've worked with, deeply connected to this love and peace. And they always want it to continue.

Billy Meir
There are many people who have very convincing stories and photos of personal contact with Pleiadians, Billy Meir from Switzerland, being the best known. But there are many others. Most of the books and photos by Meir are either on the net or disappeared.
It's very hard to find the original published materials from the 70's.

Randolph Winters is another very knowledgeable speaker on all things Pleiadian, including Meirs. Though he doesn't believe in channeling, but I won't hold that against him. His book Pleiadian Agenda is available. And I've heard of a man in Miami who's frequently taken up on ships, and have seen the amazing video tape to prove it. And I've met several other contactees. But as I've said, they're very discreet and selective about who they contact and where and when.

Native Peoples
The Native Peoples that I've had the privilege to meet in the last several years, connect with the "Star People" on a very regular basis. It's a big deal, and  they don't sell tickets. It's  a Sacred  Experience. They do it to Heal and to Learn. This is little known outside their circle. But that's starting to change. Standing Elk of the Lakota Sioux was instrumental in creating a life changing experience for several hundred people in Yankton South Dakota, at the Star Knowledge Conference in June,1996. The Conferences have continued since then. For me it was a unique opportunity to learn more about Star Knowledge firsthand.

 Whitley Strieber
There has, of course, been a lot of controversy, debate, and cover ups surrounding these contacts, just as with all the other info regarding ET contact. There  also seems to be very strong evidence to suggest that there are light and dark ET's, just as there are in all the rest of us. I have been fascinated with Whitley Strieiber's Communion and other books describing connecting with the Gray's and describing his experience as a "Spiritual Journey".

However, with all things of Spirit, Intention, is  the single most powerful tool. If you are clear what you want to meet, and why you want to meet these other aspects of All That Is, I have seen it happen. These experiences are not always as simple as people expect. I have some close encounters that were quite surreal and fuzzy, while other more experienced people with me, at the same event, have had clear and wonderful connections. ET's live in a very different though very interconnected reality with ours'.

They Are Very Real.

Contact Sentient Extraterrestrial Intelligence
I recommend Steven M. Greer's CSETI, which is listed on my resources web sites , as one of the best sources for people who are genuinely interested in pursuing face to face ET contact. As I said, it does happen, it is possible, and I believe contact is an absolute inevitability.  However please recall that what they are seeking from us, is our deeper awareness of ourselves- the parts that we've forgotten-in order to really rejoin the ONENESS OF LOVE...

DEC 21, 2012-
The New World Will Be Born.
Humanity has had a very long history of giving it's power away. We've done this throughout the Bible, seeking God to "save us" from ourselves, and we've done this in our social and political structures, from warring tribes to warring nations. ET's such as the Pleiadians, who are "of the Light", are only interested in us as equals. This is an idea that has a long way to go, in a necessarily short period of time, as our world moves towards DEC 21, 2012, the time when all of my Guides suggest the New World Will Be Born.

Contact Made Easy
A Visualization

Whenever I do a group, my Guides always have me start by  doing the following:

Step 1
Visualizing a pillar of golden light, which emerges from the Central Sun.
We see that light spiraling through time and space and gently touching the crown of our heads.

Step 2
As we feel the light there, we take a deep breath and allow the light to flow through our bodies, aligning our 7 chakra centers, and connecting with the Crystalline Core of Gaia/Mother Earth.

Step 3
We feel Safe and Loved and Connected to Our Place of Power.

Step 4
We then visualize the 7 Stars of the Pleiades, likewise spiraling through time and space and likewise, touching the crown of our heads, breathing their love and light in, we allow those 7 stars to align and harmonize with our chakras, and also connect to the Crystaline Core of the Earth.
Step 5
From here we/you can meditate, send out rays of light and love from your heart's center, and/or magnetize more of the qualities and experiences that we/you desire, to express you Love and Light, into Your Life and Your World.

Amorah Quan Yin's
Pleiadian Perspective

Lyssa Royals'
Prism of Lyra. & Preparing For Contact.

Ken Carey's Star Seed:The Third Millenium

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Illustration Courtesy of Spiritweb.Org